Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated By A Gynaecologist

Each field and sector of life is working smoothly by the joint effort of different groups of people who come together to perform their individual duties. Similarly, hospitals, medical clinics or any other such platform is able to work properly because of the efforts of different groups of people belonging to the same filed. These groups of people can vary from specialists to medical practitioners and from nurses to pharmacists. Attaining a degree of MBBS and working as an intern for a year makes you a complete doctor but if you want to be a specialist then you need to give few more years in the respective field. A specialist is the doctor who has specialised in specific body parts so he can diagnose, treat and cure the related condition. Specialists can vary from cardiologists to neurologists and from dermatologists to orthopaedics. One such kind of specialists is known as gynaecologists; they diagnose, treat and try to cure the health conditions related to the women reproductive system. In this article, we will be discussing about the medical conditions that can be treated by a professional gynaecologist from Port Macquarie.


A gynaecologist is the specialists who has specialised in diagnosing and treating the health conditions related to the reproductive system of women. Basically, the word “Gynae” has evolved from the Greek word which means women and “logy” as we know, stands for the study of. So, it is the study of women or more specifically women’s reproductive systems. Gynaecology and obstetrics are often related terms and because they both are associated with one another in so many ways as obstetrics also deals with women’s reproductive system like pregnancy and childbirth. To gain more ideas about this gynaecology you can visit this page for such reliable information.

Medical conditions that can be treated by a gynaecologists:

Let us elaborate the above mentioned definition of a gynaecologist by describing the conditions that can be treated by him or her. Heavy periods are the common problem in women which is diagnosed by the gynaecologists. Another problem that can arise in women is endometriosis which can cause extreme pelvic pain. The removal of uterus is also carried out by a gynaecologist; this removal is known as hysterectomy. Besides these, the conditions like laparoscopic pelvic floor repairs, contraception and all other related conditions are treated by the gynaecologists. The procedures that deal with the pregnancy and childbirth are also operated and managed by the gynaecologists.


A specialist doctor is the one who not only can diagnose the diseases and can prescribe the suitable medicine but he can also operate the particular body part if needed, gynaecologist is the specialist who specialises in dealing with the reproductive system of females. There are various diseases or health conditions related to women’s reproductive system that must be properly examined to get rid of any risks for latter on. These health conditions or diseases might vary from endometriosis to hysterectomy. “Dr Aaron Budden” is the highly qualified gynaecologist and an obstetrician who is also a specialist of laparoscopic surgery.