The Role Of The Podiatrist

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A podiatrist is a person possessing the qualification for treating feet injuries. Feet problems are very common yet very painful. Feet problem does not only mean some injury or some pain, but it encompasses a lot of other things as well. A lot of people have good feet without any pain or injury but when it comes to their nails, they have a problem in that in the form of discoloured nails, cracked nails, and thickness in nails, broken nail, or ingrown nail. Such kind of nails do not only look bad on your feet but they sometimes they are painful too and most of the time they are irritating which keeps you irritated all the time. Moreover, feet problems also include sole peeling and cracked heels and to treat such problems, the podiatrist is there for you.

People usually get cracked heels in inheritance, and sometimes it occurs because of the lack of care of feet. Just like we take care of our other parts of the body, similarly, we need to take care of our feet as well because they also need proper care in order to keep them healthy and beautiful. Cracked heels usually occur because of lack of care such as not wearing slippers on the harsh floor or going any outside area without slipper, not moisturising them in winters or dry season can also be the cause of cracked heels. This is the reason you must take proper care of your feel to keep them pretty and healthy. However, having cracked heels because of genetics does not mean they cannot be treated. Whether you have cracked heels due to lack of care or due to genetics, the podiatrist in canberra has the treatment for both the conditions because he is the one who specialises in treating all kind of problems pertaining to feet whether they are cracked heels or cracked and ingrown nails.

Moreover, even after taking proper care, you might get into some incident and you get your foot broken or swelled such as while playing sports or while exercising. Such severe situations can also be treated by a podiatrist who will first thoroughly observe the injury, then recommend the treatment accordingly. If the surgery is required, then he can do that too.

A podiatrist also gives advice pertaining to feet. A podiatrist also asks what kind of shoes you wear and if they are not suitable for you, he will advise you on what kind of shoes you wear to avoid any pain in your foot or ankle.

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