The Ways Your Bedroom Is Making You Crazy

Ordinarily one goes to bed tired or exhausted. But when they wake up they are refreshed and full of energy. They may feel that they can take anything the universe throws their way. However, there are others who wake up feeling worse than when they went home. It is not only their body that is feeling stiff and sore. They also wake up with nasal congestions and sore throats. When this happens people claim that it is caused by allergies. But what they fail to realize is that their bedroom is also causing them to get sick. Therefore the only way to combat this problem would be to clean up this room and eliminate the possible triggers.


We all love the feeling of keeping our heady on a fluffy pillow. We may even feel like floating. But if you talk to any respiratory specialist in Brisbane they would all tell you the same thing. That is that your pillow is the main cause of making you feel bad. This is because pillows possess the power to accumulate a significant amount of dust mites and bacteria. Therefore when you place your head on this you proceed to inhale all the allergens. Thus, that is why it is recommended for one to replace their pillow once a year. Furthermore, you should also make sure to wash it on a regular basis. Moreover, it is also recommended for one to replace their pillowcase once a week. We know this may seem like a hassle. But you would observe a marked improvement in your health after you make these changes.


If you have a dog or cat more likely than not they are sleeping in your bed with you. When you first brought them home you may have given them their own bed. However, with time they have managed to slowly creep into your bed. But even though you may pretend like you are mad you may love having them. However, if you hire any of the respiratory testing services they would all claim that it is your pet’s fur that is making you sick. That is because their fur contains a significant amount of pollen, dust, dander and bacteria. Therefore when you sleep with them you manage to breathe these items in. Thus, the only solution to this problem is to get them their own bed.

The factors that I have spoken about may seem simple. But they have the power to cause you a world of pain. Therefore make sure to remedy the situation by following these tips.