How Laser Teeth Whitening Is Done?

Smiling is what we all do or should do more often. Not only that it makes us feel good on the inside, but it also shows people around us that we’re friendly and lively; and everyone likes to be around happy people, it is a well-known fact that smiling and laughter are contagious.

However, there are people who feel ashamed and embarrassed with their smile because they think they have really bad teeth. That is where professionals come in to help. When teeth start to look all dull and yellow and stained you know it is time to visit the dentist and make a plan on how to get your white color back.

Introducing the method of laser teeth whitening

There are many reasons and habits which contribute to the staining of teeth every day; if you are a smoker then you probably know by now how tobacco can affect the enamel of the teeth and its color. Also if you’re in the habit of drinking black coffee each day, multiple times, coca cola or red wine (and who isn’t?!) then you will also have stained teeth. And if your regular whitening toothpaste can’t clean the teeth the way you’d want to then it’s time to consider a more modern alternative, that of laser teeth whitening, which is a very popular method of having and maintaining your teeth white. See this link for more details about laser teeth whitening in Sydney.

Using the laser, dentists basically speed up all the chemical reactions involved from the bleaching solution with the light of the laser. Luckily, with laser dentists can take one tooth at a time and whiten it and if by any chance it happens you have a yellower tooth than the rest, then laser can fix that.

The procedure getting your teeth whitened

Before deciding to go with the laser teeth whitening your dentist will make sure your gums are ok and if they are not, he will give you more options of getting your teeth whitened. They will also ensure your teeth are all in perfect shape, without decays especially because the whitening solution has the power to penetrate deep down within the root canals.

Once you’re determined, all it’s left is to hop on the dentist’s chair with your mouth wide open and sit there patiently until the doc is done. Your gums will be protected by a rubber-like barrier through the bleaching process that may take up to three times of whitening solution applications. Afterwards you may feel your teeth sensitive to air, food or drinks, but that is normal at least a few days after the whitening process. After all, you’re missing your stains now and just like any absence, they will be felt.

Whitening your teeth once does not guarantee a permanent bright smile, and you should visit the dentist again in six months to see how the whitening has been affected and if it’s the case to get another laser teeth whitening. People with teeth complexes have now the chance of getting over them and enjoying their life more.